II. The New Yorker

Illustration by Robert Beatty

The New Yorker — February 2017 to November 2018. 

At The New Yorker, I hired and art directed illustration for web-only posts—everything from Pulitzer Prize winning reporting to cultural criticism to book reviews. I art directed a team of web photo editors to find or create the right artwork for an article—whether it was a commissioned photo illustration or a wire service photo.

I also art directed web-only interactives, commissioned site iconography, designed social media and video graphics, and ran the art department’s Instagram account.

Select work below. ︎︎︎

The New Yorker Radio Hour

The New Yorker’s editor, David Remnick, presents a weekly mix of in-depth interviews, profiles, and short bursts of humor in this podcast series.

Illustrations by Golden Cosmos.

The National Book Awards Longlists

Since 2015, The New Yorker has been the first to announce the National Book Award longlists in Young People’s Literature, Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction. 

Illustration’s by Seb Agresti.

Letters From Trump’s Washington

Letters From Trump’s Washington is a weekly political column by staff writer Susan Glasser.

Illustrations by Christian Northeast.

Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction is a series of short pieces of fiction published each summer on newyorker.com. 

Illustrations by Alex Merto, Bianca Bagnarelli, and Cristiana Couceiro.

Reasoning About Unreasonable Things

As a supplement to a magazine feature, we created this quiz to reason about unreasonable things with animated illustrations.

Illustrations by Eleni Kalorkoti.

Envelopes of Air

From January through September of 2017, the poets Natalie Diaz and Ada Limón conducted an inspired and collaborative correspondence through poetry.

Illustrations by Rachel Levit Ruiz.

More New Yorker Favorites

Illustrations by Seb Agresti, Bianca Bagnarelli, Cynthia Kittler, Doug Chayka, Lea Heinrich, Jee ook Choi, Ruby Fresson, Mike McQuade, Tim Lahan, Pepa Prieto Puy,and Tim Peacock.