III. Hillary for America

Hillary for America — June 2016 to November 2016.

For the Hillary Clinton campaign, I co-led Content and Social design, specifically focusing on the campaign’s publication, The Feed. The Feed was the first of its kind for a presidential campaign: publishing hundreds of original posts — policy explainers, current event articles, and photo essays on hillaryclinton.com.

You can find more of our team’s design work on a site we created. 

Select work below. ︎︎︎

Campaign Visuals

Through cover art for The Feed’s campaign-focused content, our goal was to effectively communicate our candidate’s policy goals and ideas, and to highlight her qualities — tenacity, engagement, and warmth. We did this with using a simple, graphic illustration style, bright photography, and type-driven cover art.

I created cover art, photo edited articles, and designed inline assets for the articles themselves.

Illustrations by Jackie Lay and Chelsea Atwell. Photography by Barbara Kinney.

One of our most popular posts was a Hillary and Trump timeline, cataloging both of their life achievements from the early 60s to present day. The cyan Hillarys and yellow Donalds became a device we used again and again, from Feed posts to social graphics.

We used dynamic type and supporter photos to help tell Hillary’s story in articles and social media design. 

Oppo Visuals

The Feed was our main avenue for exploring the visual treatment of Trump: our goal was to communicate the danger of his candidacy and presidency.

We did through this intense repetition, disarming collage, distortion, and uncomfortable cropping.